What is a Surprise Citytrip?

A Surprise Citytrip is a short citytrip with an unknown destination. The only thing you’re sure about when purchasing one of our tickets is that you’ll fly to a city within the European Union (+Switzerland) on your preferred date of departure.

What is always included?

In your surprise ticket the following items are always included:

  • Return flight ticket including taxes and fees from one of the airports you’ve selected when making your reservation.
  • 10 kilogram of cabin luggage (size of the bag differs per airline).
  • Stay in a 3- of 4-star accommodation.

How does it work?

Once you’ve purchased a surprise ticket voucher you can make your definitive reservation on our website. During your reservation you can fill in the following information:

  • Names of the passengers travelling
  • Your preferred departure airports
  • Your preferred date(s) of departure
  • Selection of extra supplements like luggage, excluding destinations etc.

Once you’ve made your reservation and made the full payment to us (with creditcard, we don’t charge any additional fees) you can expect the booking confirmation within 7 days.

What’s included in my booking confirmation?

Once you’ve received your confirmation you’ll have the following information about your citytrip:

  • Destination
  • Time and place of departure
  • Information about the allowed cabin luggage
  • Name and address of your hotel accommodation

When you receive the booking confirmation we’ll ask you to send us the details of your travel documents (identity card or passport) via our website, at last 14 days before you depart. We need this information so we can check in you prior to your departure. When you’ve sent us your details you can expect the boarding passes for both your outgoing and incoming flight a few days before departure. You’ll have to print these documents and bring them to the airport. By doing this we save you time and money at the airport of departure.

Any unanswered questions?

Please let us know in case you have any additional questions via the page “Contact“. We’ll reply to your message within a couple of days.